It is important to us here at Oberon that everyone in the school community feels safe, secure and included.



    We foster a caring and supportive environment by providing:

    • The implementation of the gr8 People Values, where students are formally taught ten attributes and acknowledged and rewarded for exhibiting these behaviours and values,
    • The implementation of the Oberon Cyber Safety Program, where students are monitored and guided in the safe and responsible use of Digital Technologies,
    • A highly successful ‘Buddy System’ where the youngest children in our school are allocated a senior buddy who they can seek out for assistance,
    • A strong transition program from Kinder to Prep and Grade 6 to secondary school that includes orientation days and less formal visits,
    • Celebration, tolerance and understanding of individual differences,
    • High expectations of student behaviour,
    • Intervention and extension programs according to student needs,
    • 1:1 support from our Family Liaison and Support Officer.