teaching and learning

Our educational programs cater for the individual needs of the child and provide a broad based, comprehensive curriculum.

We are concerned with the development of the attitudes, skills and knowledge that students need to cope efficiently with the demands of living in our complex and changing society.

Whilst the acquisition of basic skills and facts is vitally important, we also focus on the development of independent learning skills, problem solving, decision making, co-operative work habits and research skills.

Wellbeing is a priority. Our community embrace the gr8 People values, an initiative that is the heart of Oberon Primary School.

At Oberon, we provide programs that ensure children have the opportunity to:

  • develop the self esteem and confidence that will enable them to strive for individual excellence,
  • acquire fundamental educational skills in English and Mathematics,
  • develop appropriate social skills and desirable attitudes towards others,
  • take pride in being individuals and in their achievements, 
  • equip themselves with appropriate strategies to explore, inquire, make decisions and succeed,
  • develop an awareness of and concern for the ever-changing world in which we live,
  • nurture a deep respect for cultural diversity, fostering global citizenship among the students,
  • participate in a range of recreational activities that promote healthy, physical development along with positive use of leisure time,
  • use technology in a responsible, appropriate manner with a strong awareness of cyber safety and digital citizenship.