School Council

The Oberon School Council comprises of elected parents and staff members. Being on school council requires attending two meetings each term, a sub-committee meeting and a school council meeting. Meetings are currently held on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6.00pm and are usually 90 minutes in duration.

School Council Responsibilities

School councillors have a number of important roles including, determining the general education policy of the school, developing the school strategy and annual plan and reporting to the school community.

Members also have an active role in approving and monitoring the school’s:

•Annual budget.
•Exercising a general oversight of the buildings and grounds.
•Overseeing fundraising for the school.
•Promoting positive parent engagement.
•Promoting a positive school environment.

Oberon Primary School Council Members

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, February the 25th, at which the following School Council Members were elected for 2020:

  • Shane Moloney (President)
  • Andrew Holt (Vice President)
  • Adam Gilbert (Secretary)
  • Michael Breen (Parent Member)
  • Jo Montano (Parent Member)
  • Sarah Henderson (Parent Member)
  • Rebekah Wybar (Parent Member)
  • Anne Sidebottom (Parent Member)
  • Andrew Augerinos (Principal)
  • Henry Crofts (Staff Member)
  • Natalie Jardine (Staff Member)
  • Michael Grozdanovski (Staff Member)