Welcome to Oberon

Oberon Primary School has been a focal point of the wider Belmont community for several decades and continues to be a source of quality education but also a place where children can grow, develop and flourish. We have watched as our school has grown from a smaller school into a middle size learning centre that strives to give all students the best possible outcomes. The values of the school, fairness, learning, teamwork, they are all part of the GR8 people philosophy of the school. We live by that mantra as a school and it radiates outwards into all aspects of our community.

Oberon Primary is a growing school, a forward-looking school, which adopts and embraces the principles of a STEM curriculum. There is an emphasis on structured learning but also student engagement and physical education are of great importance. The greater community contributes significantly with the parent club, reading groups, working bees, school council and several other groups and committees being directly involved in the running of the school.

Being President of the School council, firstly I’m a parent, then my role is multifaceted. I am here to support the teaching staff, but primarily it is one of governance. I participate in school reviews, strategic planning, the budget overview and annual reporting, and help define the school operational policies.

Further Info

If you would like to be actively involved in the school, we have several committees and sub-committees, a parent club you can join and we always have room for volunteers.

If you have any questions or concerns, would like to get involved with the school in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,
Shane Moloney
Oberon Primary School Council President