Welcome to Oberon

Oberon Primary School has been a vital part of the Belmont community for several decades, while many things about Oberon have changed over the years, like our recent and ongoing upgrades to school facilities. The one thing that has and will always stay the same in my opinion is their endless commitment to their students and the community, not only in providing a quality education but in their continuous effort in supporting the identity and wellbeing of all students, providing an environment where all children are given equal opportunity to grow, develop, learn, and thrive.


At Oberon there is an emphasis on structured learning which embraces the principles of a STEM curriculum, while also committing to the importance of student engagement and physical education and the overall wellbeing. The greater community contributes significantly with the parent club, reading groups, working bees, school council and several other groups and committees being directly involved in the running of the school.


I have been on School Council for 3 years, but this is my first as School Council President. I originally joined the School Council to see and have input on what goes into the behind-the-scenes information that contributes to the children’s overall schooling experience. I never anticipated the enjoyment and wealth of knowledge that I would gain from being on council. As the School Council President my role is to support the principal and staff in providing ongoing and equal opportunities for all children and to ensure that our school is always aiming for their best.


I am so passionate about our wonderful school, and the opportunities that are provided to our children. Oberon goes above and beyond in ensuring that teaching staff are always moving forward in the way that our children are educated and that all children, families and community members are treated as equals.


I encourage anyone that is interested in becoming more involved in the school to look into the several committees and sub-committees as well as our wonderful a parent club that helps support the school in fundraising events and activities for our children that you can join, we welcome new members.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, or concerns or would like to get involved with the school in any way. You will often see me around the school especially around the Dorothy Avenue main entrance, I enjoy meeting and getting to know all of the wonderful Oberon families and community members.

Yours Sincerely,
Rebekah Wybar-Lupton
Oberon Primary School

School Council President

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