Welcome to Oberon Primary School. English and Mathematics constitute the core of our curriculum program, as they are the building blocks on which other curriculum studies are built. All children will progress at different speeds, but the important thing is that they all reach a stage where they have done their very best. Stimulating programs in areas such as The Arts, Health and Physical Education, Science, The Humanities and Information and Communication Technology enrich the daily lives of all students.

Parents play a significant role in their child’s development. The responsibility doesn’t pass on to the school when the children enter Prep class. At this point, the school joins the parents in continuing the development that has occurred in the first five years of life. We are all lifelong learners. In the blink of an eye, children will have reached adulthood and will be ready to continue the next phase of their long journey of skill enhancement and personal development. By continuing to work together and provide mutual support, we can achieve the goal of every child doing the very best they can do.